The following elements are the symbolic meaning and representation:

The Elements:


Canlaon Volcano is the trademark of Canlaon City. Its peak represents the dreams and aspirations of the city and its people. That, each every Canlaonian will strive and continue to reach each of our dreams. As strong and as majestic as the Canlaon volcano stands, the Canlaonian spirit will continue to run in our blood, dominate in our minds, and harness our spirit to conquer every single quest that we will be encountering.


Calla Lily

Calla Lily is the official flower of the city of Canlaon. Growing abundantly at the foot of Mount Kanlaon along streams and creeks with clear waters, it has a white u-shape petal. This flower is used for decorations giving an extraordinary ambiance and overwhelming serenity on various occasions. Just like this flower, City Schools Division of Canlaon City will have a unique but astonishing identity to be known in the province of Negros Oriental and the country as a whole.


Book with Printed fields

The book represents the knowledge and wisdom that our learners are acquiring through education. The fields printed on the book shows the humble beginnings of every Canlaonian learner in their pursuit for knowledge in achieving their goals in life. The fields also represent that the City Schools Division of Canlaon, will be one of the leading divisions in the country that will be recognized in terms research and innovations in agriculture as an essential sector to our country’s economic progress.



Torch is used as a symbol of education. The burning torch symbolizes that knowledge and wisdom are passed on from the teacher to student in the same way as the flame from one torch starts the flame on another torch. Likewise, it serves as the light that guides us to traverse paths in all directions, leading us on becoming effective and efficient members of our society. Most importantly, the torch also represents the never ending blessings that this city receives and keep on receiving from our Almighty.


Laurel Leaves

The leaves represent the 12 barangays of Canlaon City. It is the symbol of equal and unified commitment the City Schools Division of Canlaon to whatever endeavors it will be engaging in the future.



Apart from being used by Canlaonians working in vegetation and livestock as main sources of living, the rope also represents the strong connection between the City Schools Division of Canlaon and its stakeholders. It secures the sharing responsibility, underlying aspirations and intertwining linkages that will support academic and economic growth and development.


RA 11536

Through Republic Act 11536 – AN ACT ESTABLISHING A SEPARATE SCHOOLS DIVISION OFFICE IN THE CITY OF CANLAON, PROVINCE OF NEGROS ORIENTAL, AMENDING FOR THE PURPOSE SECTION 86 OF REPUBLIC ACT NO. 3445, ENTITLED “AN ACT CREATING THE CITY OF CANLAON” as approved on May 14, 2021 during the Eighteenth Congress – Second Regular Session, this legislates the establishment of SDO Canlaon City.